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Room with a view!

Hi all. Like me have you been thinking about how to present your hard work at its best. I have been trying out free software for showing paintings in different rooms to give potential customers an idea of how the work may look in situ. Amazingly simple to achieveohmyprints-23112017-154848 and adds a perspective otherwise very expensive to produce (these were done through ohmyprints.com) I wondered if anyone else had useful experiences to share using such techniques to boost interest?ohmyprints-23112017-150800


Addiction to a Dream

Alcohol, cocaine, sex, soaps, lottery, all are an addictive dream.SP1 t


All money is debt Madoma1

Stardust 2 Stardust

From stardust to stardust each of of us makes an evolutionary step. [shopify product=http://brambleart.myshopify.com/products/madonna-and-child]girl 3

Fauvist Flowers

Hi art lovers. I am taking the plunge into painting flowers. I am loving it and I hope you do too! Happy painting everyone.


I juts love painting quickly with more feeling than precision. The results are as much a surprise to me as anyone else!

[shopify product=http://brambleart.myshopify.com/products/daisies-in-a-vase][shopify product=http://brambleart.myshopify.com/products/flowers-in-a-vase]

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