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Room with a view!

Hi all. Like me have you been thinking about how to present your hard work at its best. I have been trying out free software for showing paintings in different rooms to give potential customers an idea of how the work may look in situ. Amazingly simple to achieveohmyprints-23112017-154848 and adds a perspective otherwise very expensive to produce (these were done through I wondered if anyone else had useful experiences to share using such techniques to boost interest?ohmyprints-23112017-150800


Gallery – Studio Open!

Exciting times! I have taken the leap and opened my own gallery/studio in Sidmouth, Devon. A new venture for a new year. So far it has been great meeting lots of new people and talking art. So different to being alone in the studio all day and seeing no-one. 20171202_095951

It is a steep learning curve so very keen to hear advice from anyone who has tried the same path. Everyday is providing challenges from meeting and greeting customers to how best to present my work. However, it is not like having a job for me but a simple joy to be painting and selling all at once all day everyday – heaven.!20171124_142342