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A Born Artist

 The 8th May.  

Bertalan Székely  was a Hungarian history and portrait painter who worked in the Romantic and Academic styles and was born today, 8th May.  He mostly painted portraits and female figures, then turned to landscapes. He also created decorative murals. Were you born on this day? If not see which artist was?


The land belongs to the tiller. a-dv3-a-ta-dv11-tAny hand that moves earth drives a perpetual spiritual companion. Through action with nature one has an honest relationship. A to-and-fro that nourishes each. To own above this is a power that leads to a material death.  a-dv2-t

Tamely Framed

FD4 tSome much Art I see in galleries is Tamely Framed. All energy is lost and the fight has moved from aesthetics to money. From the gallery to the work all is lost in simple transactions. Do not give in to your being tamed in this way. Let it be free. Let it soar as you know

Folk Art

Divine Devon Art is from an indigenous culture and from modern peasants or other laboring peoples. In contrast to’Art’ folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative and majorly aesthetic.Devon Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional  rules of proportion and perspective are defied.

Addiction to a Dream

Alcohol, cocaine, sex, soaps, lottery, all are an addictive dream.SP1 t


All money is debt Madoma1

Judged by Money

So the poor are judged by the rich. 12 of us against the money of the pastme know

Stardust 2 Stardust

From stardust to stardust each of of us makes an evolutionary step. [shopify product=]girl 3