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Sidmouth Folk Week

F11Every year during the first week in August Sidmouth hosts an International Folk Festival filling the seaside town with musicians and dancers from all over the world. F11 d1As a local artist with my gallery in Sidmouth I thought I would started this year’s set of naive paintings in readiness for the festival. Here is my first for the season – F11 2I just love these multi-colour dancers bringing such fun to town with their glorious get-ups and painted faces.


Going All Folk Art

I am enjoying taking my folk style forward here in Sidmouth – home of the International Folk Festival!Devx2 2 It is fun to paint in this style – released from the focus of representation and realism. Devx2I find it enables me to engage in the surrounding Devon landscape in a fresh and exciting manner. I am using small cotton canvas boards and acrylic paints to deliver colorful images at accessible prices.


Always looking at my surrounding countryside anew. Here is my latest attempt at bringing my local village alive in a vibrant and emotional way.Dev 5

Dev 1I’ve painted this on canvas board in acrylic paints from memory. I do enjoy creating work from a mixture of realism and imagination to develop a different look and feel to the work.

Dev 3

I Caesar

I  Julius Caesar (100BCE – 44BCE)

Well where else to start!? As an Asterix fan there was no where else but. Still despite this comic interpretation Caesar was indisputably the person who led the Roman Republic down a path, once he crossed the Rubicon, to the inevitable series of emperors that were to follow.A1 t

If there was a person who ever lacked ambition it was not him. Driven by the knowledge that his hero Alexander the Great had conquered the known western world and created an enormous Macedonian Empire all the way to India before dying at 33 he set to work. His bust provides an emphasis on cerebral as well as military power. Undoubtedly he was a general of genius as his conquering of Gaul at Alesia tells us.a-caesar

The cerebral features reminded me not only of his great strategic and tactical thinking when in battle but also of his possibly greater political sensibilities. He manipulated the then political constructs to ensure he ruled supreme. A power-base that quickly turned even his closet friends against him in the end. I felt the 27 stabs, as I painted, that brought his reign to an end and his immortality to a beginning. A1 d2