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I prefer to collect ideas rather than things.

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We must challenge what is absorbed at our mother’s knee.

Today’s technology replaces the mind rather than muscle.

I would be useless with a sword but I could fight a whole army with my art.



A King should provide everything without divide.

In my head-heart I can decide how my bone-box will reside.

A temple to superstition requires the greatest attack by verbal ammunition.

Nature is Divine

Nature is Divine

Oh, how wonderful to live only in the sensation.

How do I make a mark in the billion?

Let alone the next trillion.

Our democracy hides

Liberty and tyranny


Privacy and security

13 billon years

Before enjoying beers

Business trumps

Democracy’s humps.

Outside of Earth

Is our birth.

If we all believe it

Then it’s time to leave it.

Just like Rousseau

We wait to know

What Paine does

Democracy fucks

Music is

Painting in time

13 billon years

Before enjoying beers

From the unknown in a cave

My handprint will not save

Another’s memory of a life

Beyond what is rife.

Now we can grow

And not know a hoe.

A bottle by nine

And life is divine

Given there are more bacterial cells than myself

One wonders about the benefactor of my wealth

Once an oracle

Then a witch

Once a Profit

A love as yet we do not get.

Enlighten the few

Then harvest the dew

There are a few people of high intellect who are religious and not for power. What do they see/get from superstition?

You cannot shock unless someone is watching!

How to beat a pointless rhyme,

Let’s message all the time.

To be above the ordinary

One must do the extraordinary

La Llorona ; Chavela Vargas

They all call me the black one, Weeping Woman
Black, but lovingI’m like the green chili, Weeping WomanBiting, but delicious
Woe poor me, Weeping Woman, Weeping Woman
Weeping Woman, take me to the river
Cover me with your shawl, Weeping Woman
Cause I’m dying of cold

To an all-enduring Jesus Christ, Weeping Woman
Μy troubles I told
Such were my troubles, Weeping Woman
That even Jesus Christ wept

I dreamt of you sleeping, Weeping Woman
Asleep you were quiet
But as oblivion approached, Weeping Woman
I dreamt you were awake

If because I love you you want me, Weeping Woman
You want me to love you more
But if I’ve even given you my life, Weeping Woman
What else do you want? You want more?

Our collective self

Is our wealth

Today will be in haste

If yesterday was laid to waste

I felt every look

Had to be a book

Flu and gold runs in our veins

As does greed and deathly pains

Through nature I do divine

Everything is sublime

Politics is of the now

History tells us how.

I am lit by

Pretentious shit.

To lose a bet

Is to be in debt.

Tyranny does define

A regime less refine

When a country has

Its people cuss

Kiss my loyalty

Trust my kiss.

We have to survive

In this human hive.

In ignorance we all begin.

And ignorance drives our sin.

Billions of thoughts do flow

How is mine the one to know?

Replace the word religion

With another called superstition.

Our fellows have for superstition burnt

Now with knowledge we have learnt

From gene to gene

And meme to meme.

Humanity does glean

A hope beyond its mean.

So space and time

Does not define,

Let alone divine.

To create

Makes debate.

Do not obey


From superstition

Becomes religion

Whilst a fairy I did see

Prophets send a decree

Having fenced in flesh and fowl

My gut still does howl.

We combine to deliver,

Nothing but an Earthly shiver.

Whilst my children and spouse continue to hate me,

I believe they will ultimately come to understand me.

Despite everyone being a King,

Democracy won’t let me sing.

In democracy we hailed

But for me it failed.

I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me – Winston Churchill

In a way

You could say

This has been my day.

I smoke and drink

To help me think

Making it difficult

Makes me innovate

Philosophers think

Others feel

Between us all

Hope does fall

Users gleam

Dante’s cream

My chickens pick up

Most others sup

Our planet is our grave

In another is our save

Oh to be on a street

Like Sesame

To beat a weed

Plant  seed to succeed.

Genes and birth is a slope

Democracy does dope

Hi. I am a holiday from hell.

On one leg and with a daughter who did compel,

A narrative to resell.

What can we sell?

Pray tell.

As we consume

More than we can tell.

I keep these animals in so tight,

So in their fruit I can delight.

During our skip,

From darkness to darkness,

Do we deliver?

We went to visit birds and fish.

Although at home we have poultry and goldfish.

Where to begin? Where to end? Well I have struggled for 50 years but fail still to gather a reasoned solution. This hurts the scientist in me but is equally celebrated by the artist in me. Why? The greatest question one can ask of all. I have found no other to deliver to the heart of any argument better. Any response can be answered yet again by ‘Why?’ So to begin is also to end. Why start and why end? Nevertheless I will attempt to travel along my life’s history as best I can. I am not expecting it to be wholly accurate or even truthful but as memory  as fades and other events invade the mind that is susceptible to embellishment and re-representation. Whilst I accept many facts may be wrong, at best, I defend the emotions as honest reflections.

Chapter One

The Beginnings

I was born only a few weeks before someone I wish later I had known but was to hone my formative years died; namely J.F. Kennedy. My birthdate was to become my number of luck/choice since it was the ninth of the ninth, in my hands. nineteen sixty-three (the last two digits adding up to nine!) So as I held my dearest, cuddly donkey I watched Neil take those first steps and was mesmerised. I wished, as did half the world of my age, to become an astronaut. The world was not enough anymore we could venture so much further.

We need a new enlightenment cos as Marx said History repeats itself.

I am only me when I stroke soil in my hands. The spirit within can be roused by the connection with whole and the sudden realisation of your role within it. Yesterday’s tomorrow is tomorrow’s yesterday. I wasn’t, I am, I was. Presence in the world marked by what you consume only provides for a few rather our hope should be focused on going towards the future backwards. Combining the generation of new knowledge with the old provides a common sense way of being but the individual sacrifice is seemingly too much

We all come to know much less which although a surprise it perhaps should not be.

‘Shit, that hurt,’ I thought to myself. She was grey, very grey, all over. The long trench coat swamped her body, too small for job I thought as she strode up and down the line. Still Napoleon did OK. We were all very young, 17 or thereabouts. It was an outing but clearly much more serious to others. The cold was biting and the space huge. What seemed like a wide expanse was a concrete wasteland with a solitary mini-bus, ours, standing seemingly alive as it was examined by rifles and mirrors by surgeons from the East.  It could not fight back but nevertheless I felt it was at risk of its life.  ‘Who’s is this’ Demanded the grey lady. It was a scary request, one you felt powerless to ignore or challenge. ‘Mine,’ I confessed as I thought of Richard Burton. There was no verbal response just an order to another grey person heavy with weapons who marched, seemingly under equal threat, across the concrete some 100 yards and then lifted their head towards us before dropping the postcards of West Berlin in all its glory and an illustrated book of escapes from east to west I had bought that morning into a wire waste basket, pausing a looking back before he did so. He smiled as his task was completed. A smile that suggested power and confidence as well as satisfaction that he had complied with the demand. I would never forget that smile and I wondered years later when the wll cam down if he was able to smile differently. I held my passport tighter under my chin than before, even though the paper was like a razor to my skin. We all did. The automatic rifles remained focused on our line, of children really. This was a school trip I thought but was Checkpoint Charlie really just an outing. Well no more. A truth had hit us. She took her time but went one by one along the line and reflected her view of our passport photograph against our faces. Time seemed to be nowhere anymore. There was a condensing of everything. Having passed me by she reached my friend whose photo had been a cruel joke amongst us given its lack of resemblance and seemingly Quasimodo appearance. Whilst guilt gripped us we shuddered with hesitation over how she would react. No, it couldn’t be. But it was. It echoed back from the concrete. Laughter. She was laughing. Human. A person had replaced the greyness and weapons, we had made a connection. The tenseness in our bodies was washed away and we lowered out passports a fraction. Our fingers were ours again as their grip lessened but remained compliant. Enemies became friends. Released from our line we walked, although running in our heads, steadily back to the minibus. Once on-board with our appointed ‘guide’ we drove into East Berlin never to be the same again.

A pub, like many others, in near my home in Devon. A gang of us young men would go out every Friday night to eat the largest steak we could both afford and manage. ‘Four pints, please’ I request. The barman undergoes the routine but I am thinking about the device I had noticed under my seat. ‘What is that’ I ask. ‘The four minute signal’ He reveals casually.  ‘Shit’ I think. A moment but also a life up to now. How had I missed it? The information delivered so matter of fact through the television infomercials . The need to understand how to lay mattresses and doors to create a space for survival. ‘Shit’ just a pint I think. I eat my steak to maintain my bond with my friends but I am not with them anymore. We have separated. So it is true. What could I do about it? What do I do next? So many questions that were too easily relaxed by another pint. The nest day began the same.

To have grown up and absorbed it all but to understand nothing. Where was I. No-mans-land.  A concrete no-mans-land. So it had all been true. Obvious to the truth of now.  A threshold had been crossed. I was now awakened to a real world. One that held me in its grip. No escape. No redemption. So close but so far. Fear and nonsense mixed to create a safety.  Eat the steak and move on was the instinct I followed but never to forget the moment of realisation. Nothing would be the same again. Trust was in the few. Whoever they were.

So a black and white world. One where it was simple to know the opposite. What a fake. People were where it was at and no more I thought. We cannot be so close to death again. What a mad conclusion. Having been dead for so long already why worry about it in the future?

I am among most others still here. The wall I was taken across no-longer stands. I am guilty of doing everything by living and carrying on. I as a mass I drove the end. It was a collective effort without consciousness. Is there a truth that outweighs all others? Well perhaps not but we carried on despite the worry and reality of obliteration finally lessened by money. One human invention overtakes another.

She was short and stout. Her uniform was because she was outside its specifications and so looked even tinier in her oversized outfit. It still delivered a menace though as it signified much more than her. We were at war. A silent and cold one but still very real. I had come to recognise that now. I was no longer a student. We went on a programmed tour, one which our ‘guide’ confessed to be constrained. However she was under pressure to deliver and admitted she could do no other for fear. We were late for the goose stepping changing of the guard outside of yet an another building. The minibus pulled up against the pavement and we rushed out all with flashing cameras of the latest kind. Shocked locals moved their attention to us as did the guard as they tried to retain a modicum of decorum. However, one at the back smiled as he noticed the comic moment of twenty western students disgorged from the back of a bus to catch the final moments of ceremony. Another human found.

‘Why are they doing that’ I asked. Only a few yards away across the Brandenburg Gate and opposite the British sector an East German guard was waving his lanyard in his hand across his chest. That close I could see his eyes and the smile on his face. ‘Don’t worry’ answered a British solder who was our chaperone on the edifice built to look over the wall. ‘It is a signal that when they come over they will hang all the British soldiers from the ornate lampposts along the konfusterdam!’ he said as a matter of daily fact.

‘What the f..?’ I stopped myself. ‘Bugger its really there!’ The green flicker across the oscilloscope was no lie. Alone in the dark with smoke evaporating from the liquid nitrogen illuminating the laser light as it pulsed across the cave was intoxicating. I was alone. No one in the human world had ever seen this before. It was true. I had made it and seen it for sure. ‘Shit.’

My friend had labelled the door to the ‘cave’ Troglodytes only! He was right. I had been and felt alone for a long time. Only the interaction through words in journals from people miles away had been my only comfort. They understood. Caves in many places were chasing the same thoughts and imagination. Still as a scientist I still struggled to believe in the truth before my eyes. Green lines moving up and down to my command. I had control over the whole world.  Now was the moment. I refocused my effort and tweaked all the devices I had built. Just a little here and a bit more there. I fought with the oscilloscope. More signal – more signal. It came and I recorded. It was there. I could not even deny it to myself. How to tell it was the next problem.

I discussed the moment with my supervisor. We agreed it was what it was. Something new. Never seen by another human ever. I was not of this earth. Competition set in. We were not alone and so time was our enemy. Publish or die. We died. It came out just as we realised what we had made. A new molecule for humans. Someone had also found it but differently. This only made it truer. I sank. To be taken so high and then delivered to such lows. The cave, so long a home, now captured me. My movements were slower my focused less precise. I had lost it.

Science provides yet more questions like all other endeavours. No answers just more questions. We are destined to questions.

Yet despite the trial of loss I bow to the knowledge based on theory. Evidence provides so a convincing perspective it is not possible for me to think of anything more commanding.  To be at the bleeding edge of human thought is such an enlightening place. To be there at the beginning and to experience the moment cannot be taken away. I treasure that.

Free at the point of delivery

Makes everything a misery.

I need a piss’ I thought. As a Ph.D. Student in the home of scientific thought, the home of science, in Carlton Terrance, London. Surrounded by FRSs I was in awe but desperate nevertheless.  My first major scientific conference but taken by an overwhelming need to piss. I squeezed pass my neighbours trying to minimise my impact on the speaker and their audience. I reached the urinals with the usual relief. As I relaxed I became aware of my neighbour. An elderly gentlemen but equally refreshed by the splash of urine on porcelain. He was shorter and with hair of the arcytypical scientist. I suddenly realised he was Gerhard Hertzberg. Nobel laureate and my academic hero. Pissing next to me! At least 60 years and a brain separated us but we acknowledged our momentary co-existence with an hello and small talk. I had spoken to him. Hero worship had hit me. The man whose work I had read in the early hours, strained to understand had spoken to me.  Until I met the noise of Dylan would I feel this sensation again.

‘When does this matter?, I paraphrase the Home Secretary.  ‘Not until a couple of years’ I answer naively. The pile of documents are swept nontiantly to their right towards a boy with bum fluff.  ‘Who are you?’ I ask bravely. He is my advisor’ I am challenged by the appointed minister.  I withdraw feeling outflanked by time. So whilst we have to consider the issue you feel it is outside of your time box. Politicians and time are related at birth. I, not for the first time, see the truth of the momevery much more. nt. Politics is driven by today and not tomorrow especially in the Home Office.   I am effectively powerless.  I deliver truth and facts but effectively challenged by relationships and hope. Has democracy met it limits I wonder? What is best, a world based on objective knowledge , or one that is weak in front such human feelings.

Walking back to my hole in the construct I devour my own thoughts. So I am beyond my own capability. Others have more than I.

Nowher. Nothing to eve ton


What can I say? Those of us who have been lucky enough to be betrayed by it and survived may know more than others. Probably not. Trust. I repeat trust. It is more. So much more. Almost a belief. A faith. There is nowhere afterwards. We either choose to manage it or we can dissolve it. Tough. But there it is.

The fresh stuff full of evolutionary lust. Once devoured long requited. I am making something out of nothing. Absoulety nothing. A vacuum. Not even a thought from them to grip mine onto. So. We move on. Love beyond the new horizon.  Decaying. Deceit. Denial. Selfish wants at everyone else’s expense. For better or I will find better. Stuff you this is me so get used to it. R

Curious about the world. A warm summer’s day and this stone at my feet had focused me away from everything else. I was compelled to turn it over. I knew already there would be another world waiting but unsuspecting of the trauma I was about to inflict by moving their roof of their world. I had done this so many times before. Each time I would find a wave of excitement welling up within me fed by not knowing but sure of some amazing find. Sometimes it would be regular beetle or earthworm but occassionaly I would be rewarded with a small pile of tiny white soft caased eggs or curled up millipede. This time however, it would be me to get the bigger surprise.

Like a sparrow flying through a room.

Love is like drinking wine a sip hurts no one but to drink the bottle is to invite a headache

Old Compton St

Jane Seymour

I had been invited by my friend Dario to spend a few days between Christmas and new year at his parent’s house in Roose South Wale before we returned to university. It was very enjoyable especially given his father was an Italian chef and the local beers were excellent. But I was not prepared for an impromptu visit to xx castle. It turned out that Dario and the son of the owner were old friends having grown up together, The visit was to include a champagne breakfast and there would be an opportunity to have a tour of the castle since there was some other guests satying namely the actress Jane Seymour and her American husband. Now given the chance to drink champagne in the company of a beautiful Hollywood actress would normally be a no brainer but I had a small problem as we were  invited on the promise we would dress smart casual. As a student I was poor, enjoyed dressing like a tramp and even if I wanted to look smart processed no such clothes anyway.  Not to worry though as you can borrow something from Dario to wear was his mothers answer to the situation. Now Dario had been living away from home for some time and although given this was now the mid-eghties his wardrobe was full of clothes from the mid-seventies! Not only that Dario is a couple sizes larger than me. So here was I about to meet this famous actress wearing 20 inch brown flared trousers several inches too lnog so I was constantly either having to hold them up like a skirt or tripping over the ends – neither scenario was too elegant. I wore a shirt whose pattern I had last seen used as a colour test card form television cameras. The tie was at least a plain brown one which matched the trousers perfectly. However it also matched the trousers in one other regard namely in the quantity of material. The width of this tie seemed beyond belief and would have been dead cool in 1975 but now I fhad to go through doorways sideways!  All of this was topped off with an oversized sports jacket (more brown colour). So here I was in a grand room in the castle with a glass of bubbly awaiting the entrance of Jane and partner looking like a heap of brown material with a small pin sized head appearing from the top. What would she think!


Orbits, comets, planets.

Silver topped cane

So we were behind the thinking of Richard the Lionheart. His advanced thinking of joining Christendom and Islam through the marriage of his sister to Saladin’s brother was missed as he approached Jerusalem.  A chance to hold art above political architecture was his unthinking moment. Here was the moment to unite two of the three major monotheisms at the time could have saved so many lives. Being ahead of your time is a maker of leadership and Richard gave the world a chance we have had not since. So imminent reminders like Kennedy and Krushrus of holding humanity in their hands to iron-age chieftains watching others across valleys  and still we continue to hold individual’s wisdom  to account.

Room 101

Well I was trusted by my family to ensure we had a holiday to remember. I requested wishes and all I had as by way of a commission was make sure it’s warm, aboard, and delivers home comforts. Well. I immediately switched to a memory of reading the Durrell’s and henceforth to the island of Corfu. My memory was of my reading was of how warm it always was, idyllic freedom,  and therefore the prime destination. I spent a sad amount of time on the internet looking up the options. Eventually I did focus on a place that seemed ideal. Rural, (familiar), enough rooms for all eight of us, and a responsive owner Sipros (only by researching further and remembering the Durrell did I figure most males, due to the local saint, have the name Sipros!  I must say at this point he turned out to be the host but that is for later.

We were flying from Bristol airport, not the closest but second best, almost 90 miles away. I had arranged the usual parking and transfer to the airport. All excited and happy we started in the  early afternoon the journey to the airport. Hang on. I have forgotten to mention an event between booking the holiday and us all leaving.

A rabbit is out! No! They are both out! We had just the two rabbits left, mixi having taken care of the rest. But today they had taken a ‘Great Escape’ and tunnel ‘Harry’ had delivered freedom. I was the usual mandatory soul to recapture the beasts. I was not keen but nevertheless resigned to the task. From experience they would not have gone too far, as my husbandry skills had ensured their instinct to seek complete freedom was tempered by the comfort of captivity.  However it was summer and the nettles and bracken was waist high. The goats, have I mentioned them? Well Tilly am Milly, delightful as they were, were no good at undergrowth. So as I attempted to herd the rabbits guided by the moving nettle tops, out of their hiding places I tripped. Tripped by bracken that had sadistcly wound its  My face was stinging from the nettles but my left foot inside its wellie was trapped. I forced my way up and saw thwe tops of the nettles move in a line away from me. I had got them! The pair has taken flight back towards their run, I took a step behind them, ouch! Bloody hell that hurt but I kept up the pursuit. With my foot in pain I had managed to get both Richard Attenbourgh and Steve McQueen back into Stallag III.

On my triumphant return to the house Julia greeted me with a bay of frozen peas. I laid down and was relieved by the coldness on my foot. After a couple of days I was able to walk without any real pain but was conscious of a niggling sensation in my foot. I ignoed i.

Room 101


No washing machine

Broken car


Swimming pool




One must have a brush to let the story flow,

Since creating with words is oh so slow.

With a brush one can show,

The world, and back, in a just a fleeting mo.

Life is a list of decisions

A hidden killer.

One day deceit came to visit.

I had no notice of its living inside my closet.

Hidden amongst my innocent blindness it had lurked.

Fed by neglect it grew to become a killer of the regular and familiar.

A change so quick and profound but when it appeared it seemed so sound.

I am not sure if I will survive its lust.

So dark is the path back to trust.

Love remains bust.


Man made.

Man trapped.

Man scared.

Man lost.


I have already been there for billions of years,

So going there again raises no fears.

However, getting there raises hairs!


Total and free.

After and before Heidegger.

As a human being I forget to predict what had happened.

Human vs humanity

Despite such great insight so many are measured by their mistakes.

Loosing so much for all by disgracing just one.

Is the winner of nothing and loser of everything.

Universities are dead long live the intenet.

I am pissed that the sun combined with evolution has restricted my vision. When will we have silicon-carbon developments that allow me to see the whole? We will jump evolution, we will have to.

Go climb a mountain and soak in the view.

Rocky Horror

Camel Market

European Court H Rights 19 judges

Home Sec

IRA name on list

Apollo Gradad

Tim, Bruce and Martin

Abitoroir chickens

Jane Seymour

Ol;d Comptron street

Harcaravatrd trip

Komomodo boat


Juesleum to cario

Art degree

Belief in god.

Do you believe in god? To answer that directly would give validity to the question which I think is a nonsense. I shall answer it in this way: Do you believe in unicorns? You now know how I feel when you ask me do I believe in god. I also refuse to answer in a yes or no fashion because for you this is a win-win response. If I answer yes then you win because I am a believer like you and I if answer no then you win because you now have some to get busy with on the god front. I also reason that this is a question that can only be asked by people who believe or have some lingering doubt that they might just still believe since if I feel the notion of a god is as nonsensical as that of a unicorn then I would feel silly asking.

If you take your religious book and replace the word god with the word unicorn you will understand my feelings on the matter. As a story and a fairy tale it is a good read but there are many better books that enlighten our moral condition. Personally I prefer those books that do not dictate an absolute position on morals but reflect options and give was a choice we have to think about.

I find it odd I have to spend time constructing something to fill the vacuum others see left by not having a religious belief. I have no need as I have no sense of a gap in my world. It is very simple I have been dead for over 13 Billion years and felt nothing. I will be alive for such a short time before being dead again for the rest of time the universe continues to exist.

If you scatter rich food for the chickens it will be stolen by the crows.


Politics  – the debate about future moral preferences

Law – the management of existing moral preferences

Religion – institutionalised superstition. The harnessing of superstition for authority and power.

Epicurus –

Is God willing to prevent evil but not able?

Then he not omnipotent

Is he able but not willing?

Then he is malevolent.

Is God both able and willing?

Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing?

Then why call him God?

Why should I fear death?

If I am, then death is not.

If death is, I am not.

Why I should that which cannot exist when I do?

Socrates – knowledge is knowing how much you do not know

Cognitive immune system – Jonathan Miller

Butcher picture of middle east!

Putin – he uses the West’s democracy against it! A superb reflection of the West’s condescension to the rest of the world. The Western civilisation is in decline and we will receive what others feel is best for us in the future – a taste of our own medicine! I suspect Russian too is in its last gasps of its imperial past – the two old worlds are meddling over a relatively small piece of physical land whilst the rest of humanity are increasingly moving around in a virtual one.

Paine – Government is a necessary evil to contain our wickedness and should be kept to a minimum.  (Common Sense)

If men are to tell other men what they can or cannot do or even think then such a system must have a process by which the morally right think must prevail.  Secular morals have greater integrity than those of religion since they are from the inherent truth of an individual rather than those forced on an individual and kept there by fear even if they are a committed murderer.

A pure politician has no private ego or desire other than the will to deliver the majority view. The reality is that mature democracy has been infected by a whole generation of career politicians whose only aim is to drive through their own ego when they can be slipped past the voter. Clegg sold his supporters wish for no university fees for personnel gain disguised in a sacrifice for the greater good. Safeguards are all we can do to defend ourselves in this system against tyranny.

We should be honest about our dealings with other nations when we go to war. If we have a war on terrorism then do not pull any punches go in hard and deal with it. Do not hang around to deliver your conception of society and its governance.

Only when enlightenment reaches the middles east will the problems be solved.

We are cowards in Ukraine. Our leaders do not exist. Where is the courage

Directly rational vs indirectly rational

Cromwell – Before him parliament called when king asks now the other way around.

Paine – Having a hereditary head of state is a ludicrous as having 0hereditary mathematicians.

Even the working class are captalists since they are happy to profit from state gifts. Glory in greed  – simple and even simpler.

So I must have absorbed all of human knowledge before I can deliver something new – bollocks!

A roof no stars. No stars no life.

A magpie of rhetoric – C Hitchens = condensation personified

Death would be a gift to me in this moment.

To not absorb all human knowledge before me is a sin I can only fail in.

I fail to know all behind and before me.

I understand less than before.

Like pruning a bush in all directions

People stop thoughts with good intentions.

We had own caste system in feudal middle ages.

Charities have perverse incentives to encourage the needy or they will be out of a job (a very lucrative one).

Doing nothing is as good as doing everything.

To avoid dying of cancer we recommend dying of something else first.

I am going to clear up this house today so it can get messy tomorrow.

If innate intelligence is not the variation then it is purely education.

Criminal justice today betrays the simple truth of mutual benefit. We punish the criminal and the victim tum whilst a greater convergence between them would  lessen the pain on the victim and maximise the chances of reform on the criminal. Restorative justice begins to approach this perfection.

The Prisoners dilemma says that the cooperative dividend is from mutual contract rather that conflict/

By providing future possibilities and considering associated policy responses tends to equip Power with a responsiveness beyond those that do not. Prepare for uncertainties.

Land power will always win over naval power despite the % difference since man lives on land e.g. the Peloponnesian war.

If you can’t explain it to a six year-old then you do not understand it yourself – Einstein

Anyone who still believes in god has skipped the Enlightenment- me

Entrepreneurs focus on greed not what we need.

A MP is a proxy for our vote. They can abuse their position to misrepresent. They should be independent of thought and just covey our collective will. But no they ignore and steal.

Adulthood is the corpse of childhood.

Machiavelli – Men are imprudent so things that taste nice to begin with are poisoniness in the long run.

Every bowman knows that in order to hit the target you need to aim higher. –  Machiavelli

Prevention is better than cure – Machiavelli

In modern democracies it is more important to manage the people than the army as they are the more powerful. C.f. Rome where it was the other way round.

It is a common failing of mankind never to anticipate a storm when the sea is calm.

Schools are the State’s tool for indoctrinating their young.

Machiavelli comes after the fall of the Medici in Florence and his book The Prince pays no heed to the need to recompense your sins before death as the Medici did. He just does not entertain the thought.

‘nourishing the libertarian and creative character of the human being’ – Noam Chomsky

Government of the people, by the people, for the people – Lincoln

Political parties restrict the people from becoming representatives!!!!!

Indigenous peoples have lived for thousands of years Empires live for centuries at best – the former creates the latter destroys itself.

Keep it simple & sensible

I can rob a bank without firing my gun – just nations can defeat others by not firing their nuclear weapons

If society decides it needs governing then it should be at a minimum. People and processes must be incentivized to limit powers at every decision moment.

The most powerful have always been the most dangerous.

Hopefully time will allow the wise worm to outwit the dim dragon.

I am not going to be comfortable.

Elite vs popular culture.

True education breathes man’s wisdom into the new.

British Biased Corporation.

Advertising undermines the free market by creating misinformed consumers.

e.g the blah, blah proteins in this gunk will reduce your wrinkles (and increase my profit)

I do the shopping, I do half the cleaning, I sort both the car;s needs, MOT, Service, maintenance, insurance, I sort the house insurance mortgage, endowments etc, (whilst my wife concentrates on spending) , I sort the sewage (septic tank), I do 80% cooking, I do 100% wasing up, I do 80% homework, I do all the animal stuff including the fetching and carrying – feed cat twice a day, feed  goat (clean out and cut toes etc,), Feed the Donkeys (clean out sort Harrier etc), I feed her Rabbit. I vacuum every day (not the whole house just a bit each time), I clean the downstairs cloakroom and shower each week., I wash the cars, I clean the drains, I sort he school dinners and I make the pack lunches each day, I get the children dressed 50%. My wife goes and spends time with other men and thinks about dirty weekends so this is Ok the otherside getting its own back? I do the main gardening – mowing, vegtiables, hedges, drive way, trees (including chainsawing), fencing etc. (Oh my wife has rushed to the garden ]centre for a coffee and a spen).

Jesus? I’ve never heard of him.

Every day I exercise the greatest muscle I process through reading, writing, calculating, challenging, examining, painting and thinking. I am the fittest person alive.

Simple Simon Says:

A fun game for all human beings to play. For those who are unaware if Simon says you must do if he does not then you lose.

Simon says: Exercise the muscle in your skull.

Jump up and down.

Simon says: Remind yourselves of how Empires come and go.

The West will win.

Simon says: Stand up if you believe in reason.

Sit down if you believe in a god(s).

Simon says: Imagine before you were born.

Jump up everyone who is dead.

Simon says: Rob this Bank without firing your gun.

Rob a nation without firing your weapons.

Simon says: Vote

Don’t vote.

Simon says: Stand up the winner of nothing.

Stand up the loser of everything.

Simon says: Encourage the market.


Simon says: Think of something bad.

Think of something good.

Simon says: Stand up who thinks tax is bad.

Stand up who thinks tax is good.

Simon says: Sit down those who think ahead.

Sit down those who think afterwards.

Simon says: Stand up everyone who loves something new.

Sit down who hates school.

Simon says: put your arms up if you think trust is forever.

Arms up for those who don’t.

Simon says: Stand up for law.

Sit down for me.

Simon says: Stand for freedom.

Neel before tyranny.

Simon says: Dig for evolution.

Dig for faith.

Simon says: Jump for the future

Cringe for the past.

Simon says: Lust for knowledge.

Burn for dogma.

Simon says: Share for nothing.

Plunder for profit

Simon says: Die of something of your choice.

Die of nature.

The history of art – Man, Emperors, Popes, Museums, Brands, …

Hero & Leander

Alexander & Darius – General vs king

Richard & Saladin – Christian vs Muslim

Scipio & Hannibal  – General vs General

Spartacus & Crassis – Slave vs Tyranny

Napoleon & Wellington – Dictator vs Democracy

Leonidas & Xerxes –

Hitler vs Stalin – Right vs Left

West vs Middle East – Secularism vs faith

Paine – ‘What is called the splendor of the throne is no other than the corruption of the state. It is made up of a band of parasites, living in luxurious indolence, out of the public taxes.’ – The Rights of Man.(p140)

Corporate nations – Noam Chomsky – the system has evolved to serve the elite ‘political’ class and to maintain/grow their relative wealth. Apparent involvement in democracy keeps the masses in their place whilst Governments subsidize corporations in a so-called free market! We do not live in a democracy!

The state has developed shophisticated ways of keeping the masses in their place – ignornance through using all their time by making them work longer hours just to keep up. Complexity  makes it difficult to evidence easily what everyone knows is true as they are living it everyday. It makes them angry but they are powerless. (Banks, corrupt politains)

From Genera to Nice what a journey. G5.

Another age of reason  – an economic enlightenment

A dream soars

Whilst analysis bores.

Thinking too hard

Destroys the bard.

RofM – p143 Why does man consider others of his species enemies simply because of an accidental location of his birthplace?

P146 Can one country impose its will on another equally well under the cover of democracy as by war (Russia Crimea, Germany Greece)

Gov- Represents, Enacts laws, Delivers services, regulates.

In Feudal times Lords agregated/attracted capital through land. Today’s Lords do it through attracting/acummulating Cash.

Why let genetics take

When plastic can make

Trending to the norm

Is tempting a genetic storm

Silicon completes

Carbon’s mistakes.

To be a King is to live in sin.

What a leader Justinian.

Heredity capital is a crime.

e.g. of why hereditary leaders are a mistake – Marcus Aurelius followed by Commodus – the son inherited or learnt none of his father’s leadership skills.

Aof R – p42 Religion set up a realm of pomp and revenue pretending to represent a person of humility and poverty.

Why is hearsay not counted as evidence in a court of law but allowed as absolute proof through revelation of the existence of a god?

I have not found anything morally good that has needs the added help of a god.

In fact to be motivated by an outside force to do good seems less of a moral act than one done out of pure humanity.

Ignorance began with Christendom and lasted until the Enlightenment.

Common Sense – a scientific approach to politics – evidence based.

A hovel is no less a home.

Church has become a lifestyle choice rather than a necessity.

Anyone who still believes in supernatural beings has not reflected enough.

We now know when we do not understand something to no longer fill that lack of knowledge with superstition or a god.

The CEO the new Feudal Lord – I use you to make the profits then I gather them at the top. I then distribute them how I wish which is not to you.

You tell me every day that I play my equal part in creating profit for this business but you show me what you actually think of my contribution when profits are distributed.

Co-ops – Workers hire managers.

Walk the floor – toss – how about doing it?

The politicians have pirated the kings.

You are spending my money with your friends?

The corporate giants are now the new Lords of Feudalism.

I can’t read too much.

Too much to read!

How to focus?

When I die there will be a pile of unrerad books next to me.

I hold my Great Grandfather’s spade in my hand.

I plant my potatoes as my Grandfather showed me.

I dig up my potatoes as my father did.

I help my son dig the hole to plant our potatoes.

I struggle to dig up my Grandson’s potatoes.

I watch my Great Grandson eat his potatoes.

I am an American banker and for my boss to keep me he has to offer a package at least as good as those in Europe.

I am an European Banker and for my boss to keep me she has to offer a package at least as good as those in America.

I am his boss in America and I do as well as her boss in Europe.

I am her boss in Europe and I do as well as his boss in America.

We see no reason to stop this process.

I am an American worker and my boss wants me to work more for less.

I am an European worker and my boss wants me to work more for less.

I am her American boss and she wants more pay,

I am his European boss and he wants more pay.

We see no reason to start a process.

I am alive but see no reason.

I dream but see no prospect.

Civilizations decay and die as there is nothing better to do.

I am alive and see a reason.

I dream and see every prospect.

Civilizations grow and thrive as there is everything to do.

Religion is leisure not a need.

Religion is our mutual enemy.

Humanity is our mutual friend.

Reason is our mutual friend.

Dogma is our mutual enemy.

Reason go with you.

Religion needs a commander.

Reason needs a man.

To know is to threaten.

To trust leaves only forgiveness.

To forgive leaves only

Religion needs every attack.

Reason needs no defense.

If man gives up a god.

Then reason has prevailed.

Integrity grows the smaller the unit.

Religion is dependent on a man.

Reason is dependent on individual men.

The downside of intellect is war.

The South went North.

The North went South.

When the US went to war.

A thought is threatened by the collective.

The collective is threatened by a thought

Religion allows superstition to hide in plain sight.

So just one short life.

To experience the edge

Only war will do

Those on the side.


Whilst the Earth is politically divided

We hope to be ecologically provided.


Molecular machines – ‘Man’

On the open market the components that make a human body cost (£?)

However how would you recover the R&D (evolution) cost of 4.5B years!

Travelers in the 17th C went on journeys of many years with no idea of where there were going, what they might find or if they would get back. Why then are we so hesitant today to go to Mars!

A balance between problems here and hope there. If we had real democracy we could stop spending money on defense and spend it on equality of material wealth and exploration for mutual benefit.

Are you superstitious?


Do you believe in a god?



I would rather understand one thing than be in charge..

We came from the stars and we will travel back to them.

The Universe

13 800,000,000 years old

The Sun

4 500,000,000 years old

Humans have taken

3 500 000 000 to evolve ( we have less time left than it has taken for us to reach today i.e we are more than half way through)


50 years old (less than ¼ sec if we use the scale of 12mths to represent the life of universe.

The sun dies

2 8000 000 000 from now (

Fermi paradox – my initial thoughts are that we are currently unique in the galaxy/universe – there may be other more advanced or less advanced ‘life=forms’ but none close enough in technological and biological similarity for effective communication. The former would not bother to communicate to us ‘amoeba’ and the latter can’t.

Perhaps aliens are observing us just like we watch bees communicating to each other in their hive. It requires examination and astudy tio resolve the complexity of their ability to tell each other where pollen can be found but to us it is fanscinating but compoared to us very basic.

Currently we only understand what consititues 5% of thre universe and science is trying to account for the remaingin 955. What I say is when we find that out there will be even more clarity about our ignorance. Is there an inifinte regress on knowlekdge. We shall never know everything.

What is life? – ‘the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death’ Its life but not as we know it! What we perhaps can assume at this sateg of knowledge is that whatever we may find will be confined by the same laws of nature. However, we do not know or understand all these laws and also we are unaware of the spectrum of physical existence that could be manifest by such laws. I believe the greatest problem that confines humanity at present is anthropocentrism.

Why does intelligence need to reproduce – perhaps it just grows and only dies when destroyed. In certain environements skills maybe grown not evolved.Addition mabe more rapid than pasing on . One may be more vunerable and the other more resilient. But until they meet it had not mattered.

Whilst we wait for science to complete its quest to explain everything we can take a moment to consider that maybe it will not. This is not a statement that science will fail but rather it will reach its limits. Reason

Fascinating that we expect to talk to other ‘life’ when we can’t even talk to species very close to us e.g. apes, whales, dolphins etc!! Examples of ‘life’ that share nearly all of thperhaps we are limiting our search. Replication – what does that do for anything? It transports from generation to generation survival to  to learn what we have left to lear. What if thiings do not change much? Can knowledge move on (memes) without the need for eir DNA. So I would define life on earth is something that actively replicates itself. If we search for something like this then

What if we are a result of complete random accidents and no more. Moreover we are the only ones. To continue to look for reasons and others is completely futile. We are denstined to spiral to a destiny that will ultimately fail to resolvwe anything. Now that we are supra-evolution  – that is we have the ability now to defeat natural selection. We can live when we should die and kill when we should let live. Altenativcely we are the latest level of evolution – a specises thatr can manage genetic mutation. Crops, Dolly the sheep, illness etc.

Why wouldn’t another more advanced species see us as we see termites. Whilst we maybe interestingscientifically they have seen many just like us and have moved on toi greater challenges. One termite hill is just like another – beem there done that1

The trick is know what you should know. What is relatively more profitasble that others. Should I learn to read or to shoot a gun should I watch Eastenders or a documentary on the Big Bang. Should I know history or should I learn a language. P{erhaps individually this does not matter given there is enpouth of us to cover all bases. Collectivelyt we will expand knowledge in all directions and this will be suffice. Providing there is enough to learn to invent new technology the majority can support them by ignoring their lkearing in  faqct we  benefit from their stanf=gnantion and ignorance.

We know civilisations always have killed themselves in the past oor natures destroys most of existences.

At the end

Leave nothing to defend.

Why is a robot any better than a human. If it can replicate and transmit perfect knowledge whereas we have to start from scratch!!

All I know is that I will know less tomorrow.

The age of superstition, the age of reason, the age of ? Are we arrogant enough to insist this is the pinnacle of what can we done. Reason is the final level of capability? That is what men of God said before science gave us options. So what surpasses science?.

A Thomas Paine approach to extra-toresntial life. Are we alone?

Given painting as a human activity is around 30k years older than writing it is not surprising then that it can evoke such strong emotions.

Libraries Lost – So to die is to start again.

Each of us has to begin again. Everything man has gathered up to now has to be relearnt by every single new born. A knowledge-less birth, a library at death.

We were all there before, we are all here now and we will all be there again, but necessarily in the same order.

John Lennon = Tom Paine – 300 hundred years apart but no change – the rich are still the rich.

Look back in anger

Look back in love

Just look back

Proton + Proton

H+ H                           = He                = 4

He + He = Be              = 2He              = 8

Be + He = C                = 3He              = 12

C + He = O                 = 4He              = 16

O + He = Ne               = 5He              = 20

Ne + He = Mg             = 6He              = 24

Mg + He = Si              = 8He              = 28

Si + He = S                 = 10He                        = 32

S + He = Ar                 = 12 He           = 36

Ar + He = Ca              = 13 He           = 40


Only since 1850ish 150 years ago there more people in the urban vs countryside.

1981 test botham/willis

Sunday afternoon cricket on a Sunday afternoon

Religon = indoctrination – a story of boy who slowly becomes enlightened.

Burning a book is putting more bars on you prison cell!

In the sunlight of freedom all falsehoods will fold.

Evidence will outwit superstition.


Speaking out against what is done in the name of your own belief against the majority takes nerve. If ine does it is usually right as it is not done without deep intellectual challenge on the thoughts held.

Majorities are always wrong eventually.

Indirect commands – Rushde and Beckett

All in all just another brick in the wall

Ben Uri Gallery ST Johns Wood

Time – does it pass in complete darkness? How to judge in a windowless room – how long would it take to lose all sense? The same is true of modern urban living – before you know it you have lost all sense of connection with natural time life mediated by an atomic tick. Events are driven by this atomic time. We are no longer living to a rhythm of the cosmos.

I prefer my food to be already digested by lower animals than me.

My daughter screams of course women can be physically stronger than men.

Barriers are only breached from many points simultaneously.

We only have Highland Scotland because of the Stuart rebellion lost and as a consequence it lost out on industrialization.

Lead me there maybe the sooner.

If the crowd is wearing a different costume then the spectacle is clearly a fake.

Walking through the ruins of Rome and Athens I wonder if I am looking at the future of London?

The mask disembodies the actor from his ego and concentrates on the character.

Dylan Thomas – Do not go gentle into that good night.

Light breaks where no sun shines.

Erasmus – Praise of Folly p 40

‘Ask a wise man to dinner and he’ll upset everyone by his gloomy silence or tiresome questions. Invite him to a dance and you’ll have a camel prancing about.  Haul him off to a public entertainment and his face will be enough to spoil the people’s enjoyment.’


‘Most foolish of all, and the meanest, is the whole tribe of merchants, for they handle the meanest sort of business by the meanest methods, and although  their lies, perjury, thefts, frauds, and deceptions are everywhere to be found, they still reckon themselves a cut above everyone else simply because their fingers sport gold rings’


P93 – reverance rather than explanation.


his blindness helps to reinforce the keenness of his intellect.

P113-4 All about why the rich of mind are the poor of things and vice versa.

P122 – By what authority in the scriptures does it say tht one should burn heretics rather than defeat them in argument.

P134 – often a foolish man speaks a word in season

p.160 – better to skirmish on the field of letters

Truth belongs to wine and children – Plato??

Passion vs reason.

It was only whilst painting that the thirst for truth is relieved. It was, however, simply replaced by a physical search albeit unconsciously. Only when out of the trance of the act of an artisan did the pain of falsehood reappear.

Are we destined to continue searching for truth – a never ending search where each new truth uncovered generates ten more to find – where is the fulfillment? Is it a misery a thinking man has to endure?

O to have the wisdom of old age coupled to the energy of youth.

Are our inherent fallibilities destined to destroy us?

One can become trapped by a thought. One triggered by a simple observation or realisation. Something draws you in and you are trapped and cannot escape until the thought is run down to its truth.

Do I want to deny all  the ab initio evidence of my own for the revelation of some person in the middle east whose words have subsequently been manipulated by men for reasons of power.

No thinking man can submit to superstition once it has been sanitised by reason.

Bacchus – a great name for a character. – great name for a dog since every time I call him it reminds me I need a drink!

When something seems so improbable it does not mean it has to be untrue.

Democrotus – the father of science.

‘truth provides the saddest life’  Sophoch for Ajax 5, 554

Man ages from ignorance to wisdom and from happiness to despair.

The English have not been governed by ourselves for a very long time:

The Italians – Romans

The Germans – Anglo-Saxons

The Scandinavians –The Vikings

The Normans

The French – Plantagenets

The Welsh – Tudors

The Scottish – Stuarts

The Germans – Georgians to the Windsors.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?

it goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah


your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to her kitchen chair
And she broke your throne and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah


Now maybe there’s a god above as for me all I’ve ever learned from love

Is how to shoot at someone who outdrew you

But it is not a crime but you’re here tonight it’s not some pilgrim who claims to have seen the light

No, and It’s a cold and it’s a very broken hallelujah

But baby I’ve been here before
I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor
You know, I used to live alone before I knew you
And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah


Well there was a time when you let me know
What’s really going on below
But now you never show that to me do you

But remember when I moved in you
And the holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah


Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya

And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah


Read more: Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas

Mithraism – Christianity adopted much of its symbolism e.g. Mitras birthday 25th Dec – 12days of celebration and giving of presents! He has an Apollo type halo. Roman angels. DO a pictorial genealogy

Isis, Apollo, Jesus, Mithras Angels – winged .

Huros – Egyptian Sun God – Born 25th Dec, virgin mother, star in the east. Adored by 3 kings, had 12 disciples. Crucified, buried for three days and then resurrected.

Why is history such a bad teacher?

Why be a politician when you can buy one! – Gore Vidal

The untelevised life is not worth living- Socrates – G. Vidal

Philosophy is simply speculation about what we don’t know whilst science is the process by which we increase knowledge.

Philosophy – we can all be philosophers by simply by challenging knowledge by critical thinking.  We can do this every day by stopping and seeing. Very soon you will find something you had accepted as true and permanent soon becomes doubted and fluid. A good trigger is when you realize you are certain about something. That is the moment you need to challenge. Acceptance of ideas without challenge will turn you into a slave and easily manipulated by others.

Idea – school as the first step of state control – the indoctrination of servitude.  Institutionalized servitude.  Innocent consent.  A story which breaks out of this cycle and presents another way of seeing.  A way of keeping us all in our place and maintaining the status quo. Monkeys in a cage – norms. Unlike the Alphas and Betas of BNW they are less conspicuous in the real world but they do by and large congregate e.g. Kensington, Chelsea, Wilmslow, City of London, etc.  Can we see these patterns hidden by the complexity of the world?

In some areas we are unable to determine the truth for ourselves and have to evidence it in a second order way. E.g. Einstein’s theory of relativity – whilst we can not deduce the theory ourselves due to the lack of training in maths and physics – how do we do it then? Rely on observing others in the field who are advancing the theory and seeing the fruits of the truth in our everyday world. This we should be careful of but is probably the best we can do.  We thought the same about Banks! They seemed to know wht they were doing and we left them alone! The question for me is whether people, even at the top, understand the world is like this enough to manipulate it for this continued benefit. Or perhaps they find themselves simply perpetuating behaviours that generates the benefits they seek driven to excess by greed. Just like a pegion who if peaks at the right coloured dot receives its dose of food. No real questioning of the system that is operating around them and on them.

Some who just awakens one day and realizes he is different than the day before. He does not need to continue in the same old way.  Observations. Challenging thoughts.

I prefer to collect ideas rather than things. Some refer to is as a life of the mind.

Lies, Lies and dam lies – advertising.

What does the fish know of the water in which it swims? – Einstein.

Slavery by consent. – We have sleepwalked into a world where we now slaves of our own apathy. We outsource politics, learning, almost everything – all we do is consume rather than engage. Conditioned by the State that we created.

Speed of light – leave a baton behind to be passed on and when you return you have been left behind. What would be the timespan on earth if I went to the nearest Galaxy and back? We would be extinct.

I woke up. I am able. I am just the same. I am different. Mrs. D Mrs. I Mrs. FFI Mrs. C Mrs. U Mrs. LTY. My Grandmother taught me that and my great Grandfather taught me Art. Why do I jump from point to point but never rest enough to engage sufficiently so that the blood of knowledge will seep into my arteries? Shit I’m tired. Where is that bottle? That’s better, a simple slip. I slow down and begin to persuade myself that this must be right..

This is a pace that allows others to interfere and drag me away from where I was. They are tricky and sly but I shall not deviate now. It is far too late in life to sing another song. Huene out of marble my understanding stands. I am angry that I do not have enough time to absorb all that has gone before and then add a new layer on top. I am incapable, pathetic and pissed off by those who have harnessed the world to catapult their thinking beyond its worth. But there it stands and dictates our being today – SHIT.

Bugger. I reach for the mobile but fail to make contact. The noise repeats its stolen sound. Again and again. Finally, I find the smallest of buttons to silence a rhythm that, has by now, reached a segment of my brain that hurts. Christ (talking to myself as usual) what did I get up to last night? I was not out anywhere or with company, so why? Ahh! of course, my usual; need, a space, a temporary space for myself, so I gave it the usual.

Midlife crisis – get to the top of your ladder and find you put it up against the wrong wall.

Cosm0ic teapot – Bertrand Russell – why do dogmatists push the burden of proof onto sceptics?

William Tyndale – translated the bible into English. – A subversive act in Tudor England – it undermined the power of the Church and Kings – the allowing the majority to see the evidence of their leaders’ arguments in their own tongue. This is the equivalent of the internet todasy – making all knowledge available to all. Tyndale democratized  the bible.

I would be useless with a sword but could fight a whole army with my art.

How I work – I use a simultaneous multi-media approach books, YouTube, Excel, Word, Wikipedia, Amazon, email and Google search.

Book burning is the most visible symbol of tyranny in action. Censorship of the internet is the same today

Windsor castle  20th Nov 1992 Fire. Symbolic of

We’ll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox should be oxen, not oxes.
Then one fowl is a goose, but two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose should never be meese,
You may find a lone mouse or a whole nest of mice,
But the plural of house is houses, not hice.

Sherborne castle?

The morals of giant tossing by dwarfs?

A prophet is never received in his own country.

Arugments about God

Ist Cause – the argument that if one things derives from another then at some point there must have been a first action i.e. God. However the same argument requires the question what action made God!! Etc. There is no reason why the universe needs a cause or that it has always existed.

Natural law – Nature behaves as God intended – i.e. a law giver. Even if nature does behave the ays it does this does not mean there has to be a God to make them. In any case why would God choice this set of laws? If God did choice this set rather than any other then He must be subject to other laws which provide Him choice and therefore is not the ultimate God and so where does this stop??

Design – Everything is designed just so for us to live in it!  Voltaire’s quip against this was ‘So noses were designed to hold glasses!’ Of course evolution has provided an evidenced reason for why things are just the way there are without any design. It is very strange that God would create such an imperfect world so full of disaster and cruelty in nature. If this is the best He could do then he is not worthy of my worship.

We are merely a very small stage in the decay of the universe.

Moral arguments – There would be no right or wrong if God existed.

God is required for Justice – The afterlife is necessary to put right the injustice in life? Pure invention.

We must challenge what is absorbed at our mother’s knee. – especially religion.

I have not met any Christian in my life. I have met people who claim to be but from my perspective the best of them acknowledge they fall well short of the ideal (Christ) whilst the worst of them pick and choose from Christ teachings those that suit them best.

May humanity go with you.

Why would a God with any ounce of kindness fill this pre-life with a constant fear of doing wrong that could send you into the after-life on the wrong side for erternity. Surely if God was that clever he could have created a being that could act correctly without such a sword of damalces above his head??

People believe things through emotion rather than rational thought although the latter is effective one way or another if the beliefs are reflected upon. The primary being emotion fear – fear of afterlife, fear of the unknown, etc.

The more intense the religion and the more cruel.

Religion has the amazing ability to warp or even prevent our inherent morality for the worse. E.g. We must risk Aids rather than protect ourselves.  Religion takes our natural human morality and turns them into evil.

Conquer your fear and face the world as it really is.

What a mercenary that Jacques Louis David.

Napoleon used Bees and Eagles as symbols – how about crossing them – a yellow and black striped eagle.

Only Generals who led from behind are left to talk to.

Religion abhors a vacuum.

The wise man is easily robbed by the fool.

Why let facts get in the way of a good story.

A story of a man who walks down a street and enters each building on the way. Each building provides a context for a mini-story. The journey is an allegory for the journey of life itself. Wisdom street? – an inversion of Erasmus.

A bank, a religious building, a café, a restaurant, newsagent, a mobile phone shop, think of the idea and then the best vehicle. What about a village – walking home and meeting people A street of ideas to be discovered, questioned and pondered. A metaphor for a life travelled but in one day on one street.

Have you lived here all your life? – Not yet! Was the reply.

In Paris Houseman defeats you with scale in London you are defeated by democracy.

Why is civilization inversely proportional to morality?

I used to look for answers until I realised I should have been looking for questions.

AN idea of worth ripples the mind like an earthquake does to the earth. All foundations are lost, all certainty is lost, the shock brings a fresh if an alarming new perspective. What seemed so solid suddenly becomes so fluid.

Is it possible to explore the land of ideas and discover something new? To adventure in the forest of thoughts of others and to see through the canopy to something new. What is the point of absorbing all this knowledge if I can not add something new?

Maybe I am like the Iguanas of the Galapolus returning to the sea in a retro evolutionary process.

A game of social evolution – those who fight for their territory most effectively will survive.

I saw it. Well its trace pulsing across the oscilloscope .I knew, I knew it was new. I was the first human to see it ever! ArOH.

Perhaps there isnothing new to say just different ways of saying it.

When I was a child I had to learn several different subjects each day so I have just carried on! Each day I take in some history, French, maths, art, science, philosophy, etc. Sometimes I do this directly but mostly by absorbing it through everyday life. So I may want to drive my daughter to the shops but on the way I am thinking about the combustion of hydrocarbons to produce water and carbon dioxide, calculating the tangent to the corner, absorbing the asthetic of the view, and thinking all this in French. I do not think it is difficult to continuously learn. It is not a question of time it is a question of challenging –  simply a question of questioning and follow through.

As I ponder I make mental lists, usually I note them down, of things to learn and look up.

St Olave’s Exeter.  House-Chapel to Gytha – sister in law to King Canute and mother of King Harold. Its bell is inscribed – Voce mea viva depello cuncta novica  -‘By my livily voice I disperse all that is harmful’. William of C siege of Exeter in 1068.

Hedgerows – on average a hedgerow absorbs a new species every century so one with 15 species is from Anglo-saxon late roman times!

So Constantine left York and Britain as Emperor to build a New Rome on the City of Byzantium and Britain slowly left the empire in his wake.

Love must penetrate far away,

‘Else prejudice is here to stay.

Beyond the female guile

Men find’a thing worthwhile.

Trip here and there.

We continue to despair.

They were burnt dead.

Heart of Courage  Two Steps From Hell

To drink and think,

Is so much better than standing at the sink.

To you all but to be read by first born –Freya.

Do not follow me too soon,

But continue aside the sun and moon.

Do not live without a roar,

Since before and after is forevermore.

The rise of the lark by Ralph Vaughn Williams

Jas –

Oran to read ‘Do not go gentle into that good night – by Dylan Thomas

Julia to read – The Wedding Song by Bob Dylan

All my favourite paintings to the music of Heart of Courage  Two Steps From Hell

Mia  – forever young b dylan

miserere mei deus – Allegri

Theo – Erasmus – Ask a wise man

Another brick in the wall – Pink Floyd

Flynn to read father and son  – Cat Stevens

To Rhyme

Is sublime

My particles now rejoice

In their freedom to re

A dictator so benign

Is a dream of yours and mine.

A King should provide

Everything without divide.

Everything in trust,

Is all or bust.

I want to know

How to grow.

We drive up to the snow

Then melt to the below.

When Alexander rode his steed

We surely did a deed?

A temple to superstition

Begs the greatest munition.

Oh to step out and feed,

An army deep in need.

In my head-heart

I can decide

How my

Bone-box will reside.

Oh why can’t you see?

Just like a Bee

We flit between money

Technology does mean

All of us can scream.

Whilst not against parents; tutorition,

Press against natural intuition.

There is nothing common about wealth in this country

To advertise is

To release a lie

If I have more

You have less

Who is left to bless?

Nigel is a swine

From your hope

He does divine

To plant a seed

Does deny a weed.

Upon greed

Others feed

Upon hope

Others grope

Twitter like any other system

Hopes your money will be with them

I relax

upon your tax

Usurers gleam

Dante’s cream

CRM – Glasgow s o art library gone 23rd may 2014

No principle politicians left only ones who say what they need to get votes

Despite having a bone-box and a head-heart,

I am no challenge to Rene Descartes.

So whilst our science divines the rest,

I join you in the remaining contest.

So twitter bound

Is our sound

As a human of today,

I am beyond Dante.

With lots of extra help

The brain does scream and yelp.

The health of your bust

Is to the latest must.

Like a bush continuingly pruned

Thoughts are busily snipped.

Capability is a treasure

Every State fails to measure.

Chips & Chocolate

Old English – Body = Bone-house; Mind = mind-heart (I prefer this means brain).

Bramble had me made.

Like Henry against Tyndale

Listen with your eyes

Tyranny shall loose to the internet.

An English tradition based on Epicurean ideals of tranquility and a road to happiness.

Wordsworth – Morris – Pre-Raphaelites – Potter– Hardy – Vaughan-Williams – Russell – Bloomsbury Set – Betjeman

We have an English tradition of continuous reform – evolution not revolution and so it is in Art.

Not about nostalgia but perhaps a last gasp at keeping the greedy at bay. The future must be off Earth but will it be at the cost of Earth?

In aesthetics, the sublime (from the Latin sublīmis) is the quality of greatness, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual, or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation.

25,000 acres of hereditary land and associated property still owned by one family in Devon since 1298 – Baron Clinton or his real name – Gerald Fane-Trefusis, 22nd Baron Clinton. Is this right in 21st Century England? All managed by Clinton Devon Estates whose barely concealed profit focus is in their stated Estates ethos – ‘’Handing over something more valuable than we have today’. They make big play on their website of how less than 1% of its land is given over (still theirs of course) for community use – small price for big PR pay out and cover for what they do with the other 99%+.

Places to visit –

Agia – Philip II tomb and museum

Jelling – Gorm and Jelling stones.

Ravenna – Church and morse

Madria – Prada

Seville – town

Cordoba – mosque and cathedral

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