I paint by instinct and feel my way to deliver a balance of colour and space influenced by my love of early 20th Century art such as expressionism, post-impressionism and the Fauvist movement. Much more art at BrambleArtShop

The Devon Collection


Cornish Time Mine

This series of paintings is inspired by my surrounding Devon countryside and its beautiful villages.


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The Brittany Collection

This is a series of painting that have been inspired by my holidays in the wonderful Brittany and transferred to the villages and countryside of Devon.

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The Dreamy Devon Collection

Some paint what they see but I paint what I feel. I feel the Devon I grew up in and experience everyday. The deep valleys, the people who toil. I see colour and form but not the actual. How to express? Drive beyond the thought and bend to the expression. How to to deliver that felt emotion? I try to capture some of these feelings in this series.

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The Building Collection

These are a series of paintings inspired by buildings.

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Watercolour Landscapes

Sometimes just love to let go with gouache and here are some results!

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Hope Trees

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