A Born Artist

 9th May

The American Artist George Barker was born on this day in 1882 and was a pupil of Andre Lhote at the Grande Chaumiere in Paris.Barker1

Barker3Whilst he painted both landscapes and portraits  it is the latter that I find most appealing. Although originally from Nebraska the majority of his output was done in Southern California.

Barker 5Although he was lucky enough to be a man of independent means he did teach art firstly in Nebraska before moving to California where he taught at Long Beach Polytechnic High School until 1929.  He was married to Olive Barker, also an artist and traveled and painted with her, beginning in the 1930s, to Arizona and New Mexico.

I feel his landscapes truly capture the heat and dryness of South-West USA in such a tangible way.Barker4

This blog is part of a year long project to discuss an artist born on each day of the year.

If you want to know which Artist was born on your Birthday?  A month by month, day by day calendar of famous artists born each day of the year is just HERE!

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