Landscape – The Eye Sees but the Heart Paints.

I have been struggling with painting my local landscape. I start from nature but remain totally overcome by my heart. The latter rules my head once I have brush in hand. How about you?

I have been influenced by looking at background landscapes from work pre-renaissance. Not since the RomansRomans had landscape been a subject in itself!

Later Christian artMedi1 used it to fill out the background. But I love the shapes, the forms and almost ‘that will do’ effect.

From there I leap to Roger Fry’s clarion call:

‘We may, then, dispense once and for all with the idea of likeness to Nature, of correctness or incorrectness as a test, and consider only whether the emotional elements of design inherent in natural form are adequately discovered, unless, indeed, the emotional idea depends at any point upon likeness or completeness of representation.’

Roger Fry, Vision & Design, p25, 1920.

So what to do with this freedom – how to reinvent landscape art as nature through the human heart?cropped-exe1-webpage-header.jpg

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