Changing Landscape

The landscape of Britain is an amazing consequence of change over thousands of years.

Devon hills

For me it provides magical inspiration for my art but moreover, living as I do in the beautiful shire of Devon, I am spiritually lifted everyday by its splendor.
houses and hills exhibition 1

The landscape today as largely defined by agriculture is a riot of small green fields dotted with sheep or cattle, surrounded by high banked hedgerows, narrow lanes, small ancient church endowed villages of gorgeous thatched cottages. Villagescape4.1 t

The world continues to move on of course and what it will all look like in another hundred years or so I will never know. Still, I do know that farming accounts for less that 1% of the UK’s GDP so if we continue to chase economic growth at all costs then the views will not remain as they are for too much longer.

D1 thumb

So whilst I am here I will continue to capture, in my own way, how it looked today so that others not so lucky to live here or will come along later can enjoy the moment too. exe Patron image

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