The Commission Challenge!

The Commission Challenge

Studio Germ1I don’t know about other artists but I find the challenge of completing a commission both an exciting and anxious process. I seem to go through a similar cycle each time:

  • The Commission
    • There’s the wonderful buzz of someone approaching you to do a piece of work for them.
  • Negotiation
    • This is shortly followed by the business of costing and then the nervous negotiation over price and timescale
  • Making
    • The production of the work is great exciting and it is reassuring to know it has already been bought. However you Studio Germ3are reasonably pressurized in a way normally you would not be. Sometimes I have left work for over a year before getting back to it!


  • Delivery
    • Once complete there is the rush to send it off and say goodbye to your work. Usually my work will be around a little while before it sells and so I am used to building a relationship with it!
    • Then there is the anxious time praying your hard work will arrive safely and most of all your client will be happy with it!!
  • Waiting

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