The White Canvas!

Like all artists I am constantly asked how do I start a painting? First a blank mind then a blank canvas – all white and gleaming! For me it is a question of just making that first mark. Do not be feared just make that initial mark and take it from there. I am a painter who paints by instinct, so chance of mark, color and form are where I take off.  In my mind there will be a beginning but no end. I want to be surprised by the outcome so I do have an preconceived end-image in mind. Rather I work from a beginning that has a broad theme – landscape, portrait, etc.

Devon Hill

Devon Hill

One way, if devoid of ideas, I found of making a start is just to color the canvas – any color will do except white! Feel the color, what does it suggest, move on from there. Break your boundaries as you go because if you feel uncomfortable you are probably going in the right direction.

'Old Hall'

‘Old Hall’

Time is a great boundary. I tend to work fast and furious, if it it is not finished within a day then often it loses its immediacy. I try to let go, stop all thinking and work with the momentum of color, texture and form. Flow and flow again. Over paint, repaint and start over but just persevere until it appears. Once that image has been discovered then I will spend time finalizing it for balance and energy.

Devon Cob Wall

Devon Cob Wall

My only advise is just to start and not worry about where you finish. Happy image making friends.

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4 thoughts on “The White Canvas!

  1. DougWeaverArt

    I like to wash my brushes into a the same solvent every time. I then use the dirty solvent to make a wash to begin new paintings. It gives you a good neutral grey to start from and doesn’t waste paint.

    Great post, and I like the landscapes!


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