The ‘It’ Girl

Clara Bow II

Clara Bow II

Clara Bow came from nowhere to be the greatest film star of the silent era in terms of box-office dollars. Moreover, she made a successful transition into ‘talkies’,  a process so many others failed.

Clara’s is a story no one could have dreamed or imagined. Born amongst the poorest in New York in 1905 Clara at aged 16 entered and won a national acting competition that gave her the opportunity she had always fought for – a role in the movies. Her determination is to be admired since it was largely the belief in herself  that rocketed her to stardom. For me her greatest skill is the way she can convey such a range and intensity of emotion through her eyes alone and it is something I try to capture in my paintings of her

carla bow I detail

carla bow I detail

Clara came to personify the ‘flapper’ era – beautiful, smart and ‘women power’ at its best. She became known as “The ‘It’ Girl” after her magical performance in the movie ‘It’ in 1927. So in control of her life Clara shocked her fans and Hollywood by quitting the movie business on her own terms in 1933.

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Clara Bow IV - Detail

Clara Bow IV – Detail

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