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Modigliani 1908

Modigliani move to Paris in 1906 where he came into contact artists such as Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brâncuși. And by 1908, when he painted this picture (The Jewess) he was already into drink and drugs.


Sickert 1908

Walter Sickert painted this picture in this year. It was original called ‘What Shall We do for the Rent?’ but later named ‘The Camden Town Murder’. This was after a notorious murder of a prostitute, in Camden the previous September. The poor woman had had her throat slit by her client whilst she slept.


Brancusi 1908

Although not shown for another 5 years the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși made ‘The Kiss’ in 1908; an early example of non-literal representation.


Heckel 1908

Erich Heckel was a German painter and a founding member of the group Die Brücke (“The Bridge”) He painted this picture during this year.




Marie Laurencin was a French painter who became an important figure in the Parisian avant-garde. In 1908 she painted this self-portrait and a portrait of Picasso.

I just love the work Kandinsky was creating during this year.

Julius E. White; (c) BRIDGEMAN; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

John 1908

Augustus John painted his most famous portrait ‘The Similing Woman’ (nicknamed ‘The English Mona Lisa) in this year.


Duffy 1908

Raoul Duffy painted these boats in this year.




Fergusson 1908

John Duncan Fergusson, the Scottish Colourist, painted this portrait of Anne Estelle Rice in this year.


Nolde 1908

Emil Nolde painted this picture called ‘Flower Garden’ in this year.





Gabriele Münter was a German expressionist painter who was at the forefront of the Munich avant-garde. She painted these pictures during this year.


Clausen 1908

The English artist George Clausen painted this picture called ‘The Gleaners Returning’ in this year.


Jawlensky 1908

Alexej von Jawlensky was a Russian expressionist painter active in Germany. He was a key member of the Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group. He painted this picture in this year.


Chabaud 1908

Auguste Chabaud was a French artist who painted this picture in this year.


Matisse 1908

Henri Matisse painted this great work ‘the dessert harmony in red’ in this year.


Braque 1908

Georges Braque painted ‘Viaduct at L’Estaque’ in this year. Cubism is arriving.








Monet 1908

Monet painted this painting of the Grand Canal in Venice in this year.


Stokes 1908

Marianne Stokes was an Austrian painter who settled in England after her marriage. She painted this ‘Madonna and Child’ in this year.


Bellows 1908




George Bellows was an American realist painter, known for his bold depictions of urban life in New York City, As in this painting of 1908.


Renoir 1908







Ambroise Vollard was one of the most important dealers in contemporary art at the beginning of the twentieth century. He is credited with providing exposure and support to numerous artists, including Paul Cézanne, Renoir, Pablo Picasso, André Derain, Georges Rouault, Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh. Renoir painted this portrait of him in this year.


Hopper 1908

The ‘Ashcan School’ was an artistic movement in the United States during the early twentieth century that is best known for works portraying scenes of daily life in New York, often in the city’s poorer neighbourhoods. Edward Hopper became associated with the group and he painted this picture in this year.

Bell, Vanessa, 1879-1961; Julian Asleep

Bell 1908

The English painter Vanessa Bell, sister of Virginia Woolf, and central figure of the Bloomsbury Group had her first child ‘Julian in this year. She painted this picture of him. Unfortunately he was to die young in the Spanish Civil War.


Waterhouse 1908

‘Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May’ is a painting created in 1908 by the British Pre-Raphaelite artist John William Waterhouse.
Mikhail Nesterov was a major artist of religious symbolism in Russian art. He painted this portrait of B. M. Nesterov in this year.

Nesterov 1908


Eakins 1908

The American artist Thomas Eakins painted this work known as William Rush Carving His Allegorical Figure of the Schuylkill River’ in this year.






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