1906 – Edwardian Era Art

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Derain_CharingCrossBridge 1906

Derain 1906

In March 1906, the French art dealer Ambroise Vollard sent Derain to London. Whilst there he produced a series of paintings  that was radically different from anything done by previous painters of the city.





Spencer Gore was a British painter and the first president of the Camden Town Group, He painted these pictures in 1906.

Georges Braque adopted the Fauvist style in 1906 after seeing their show the previous year.

Cézanne died of pneumonia in 1906 after getting caught in a storm whilst out painting. The following year, there was a retrospective of his work in Paris. The show had a real impact on the artists in Paris and ultimately led to Cubism.

Here are a couple of paintings of Mont Sainte-Victoire that he completed shortly before his death.

Bridgeman; (c) Ferens Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Stanhope Forbes 1906

As Europe went for emotion and colour Stanhope Forbes, a British artist, and a founding member of the influential Newlyn school of painters continued on his own way.







Kirchner, along with Bleyl and two other architecture students, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Erich Heckel, had founded the artists group Die Brücke (“The Bridge”).went full out expressionist this year.

Jews Mourning in a Synagogue 1906 by Sir William Rothenstein 1872-1945

William Rothenstein 1906

During this year the British artist William Rothenstein worked on a series of important paintings in the predominantly Jewish East End of London.

gardening-1906 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Karl Schmidt Rottluff 1906

In this year Karl Schmidt added “Rottluff” to his surname. He spent the summer of that year on the island of Alsen, in the company of Emil Nolde. Here is one of his Expressionist paintings from that year.


portrait-of-fritza-riedler 1906 Klimt

Klimt 1906

Gustav Klimt painted this this wonderful portrait of Fritza Riedler in this year.

Couple Riding 1906 Kandinsky

Kandinsky 1906

Kandinsky painted this picture of a ‘Couple Riding’ in this year.

Raoul Duffy 1906. Old Houses in Harfleur Harbor

Raoul Duffy 1906




Raoul Duffy painted his picture ‘Old Houses in Harfleur Harbour’ in this year. He had visited the ‘Fauvist’ exhibition the previous year and for the next few years painted in this style.



The Nude Walter Sickert 1906

Walter Sickert 1906

Walter Sickert was the leading realist painter in Britain at this time. He painted ‘The Nude’ in this year.




Samuel Peploe the Scottish Post-Impressionist painter was delivering these pictures in this year.

the-music-room-1906 Steer

Steer 1906

Philip Steer loved painting portraits and figure studies that made him a leading figure in the Impressionist movement in Britain but in time he turned to a more traditional English style. Here is a painting he did in 1906.


In September and October of 1906 the first group exhibition of the Die Brucke was held, which focused on the female nude. Here is their manifesto and poster from that ground breaking event.


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